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Our Vision


The Phi Gamma Nu chapter at Miami University was inspired by career fair and FSB’s academic advising. When entering Miami University and not only hearing about the amazing experiences to grow professionally, but to actually see this in the first month of school was very impressive. This was the main inspiration for PGN because it inspired the idea that academic professionals can help turn you into a business professional while giving back to a cause. Every faculty member is dedicated to their students and their life-long learning and to be able to grow professionally while teaching others is the best way to grow as a leader and innovator. You can’t truly master something until you teach it and we want to do that at PGN while giving back to our community. 


As a member of the Miami Community we believe that diversity is one of our greatest strengths. We strive to create an atmosphere of inclusivity where all people feel welcome. For this reason we promise to view all members of our organization not based on exterior traits but rather based on their character and work ethic. As a female founded organization we place emphasis on equipping female members with the tools and resources needed to excel in the workplace.

Our organization will also have faculty advisors from every college at Miami University to make sure that all students have a voice.


Our community is compacted with the top level Miami University students. Through a recruitment process with interviews, resumes, and references our team will select the most qualified individuals without bias.



Our organization will provide as much support to our community and causes as possible. Through our partnerships we will volunteer at other organization events and vice versa. With this there will be more funds raised to be given to people in need. Our organization will also do work for small businesses such as a marketing campaign for no cost other than advertising. This will help build up the Oxford community.



We will build relationships with companies to have speakers, recruiters, and leaders to have our personal networks grow while we learn more as an organization. 

There will also be partnerships with Miami University organizations and the Oxford community to get constant practice of our skills and to build strong and long lasting relationships within our community. 

Image by Chris Liverani


With our diversity and inclusion in our professional organization we will help others become more informed about business practices. Our Oxford community will also become more educated about their opportunities and events.

Image by Scott Graham
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