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Professional Development Organization

Our Pillars

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Our professionalism is a standard for all of our members. This standard includes action and communication etiquette with practice through mock interviews, resume critiques, etiquette dinners, cover letter sections, and company information sessions. 
Our community has stability within the chapter because of our diversity and inclusion. We have a variety of activities because social events are an important aspect of Phi Gamma Nu. Some events include movie nights, retreats, study hours, etc.
Our organization thrives on our philanthropy. Giving back to a community or cause builds a sense of ethics and culture while building strong relationships. We plan to not only do our own fundraising but to participate in others as well through practicing our professional skills and volunteering.


To change the status quo of business organizations while giving back to the community.


By creating a group of elite students who constantly practice and grow their skills through activities and partnerships.


Provide students with all the resources they need to be successful including official titles, resume and LinkedIn workshops, interview practice, faculty office hours, financial literacy, early access to career fair, career introductions, committee projects, and guest lectures. 

Letter from our President

On behalf of the executive team of PGN and our academic advisors, I would like to encourage you to become a part of our professional family with our 63 members and counting. PGN started with a goal to shake up the social setting of Miami's Farmer School of Business, determined to facilitate a more welcoming and inclusive environment. The pandemic of March 2020 allowed us the time to build our new organization, which debuted in the Fall of 2022. After being a new member educator for two semesters in a row, I figured this was a great way to continue being involved in such a great organization . I am so proud to be a leader in an organization that welcomes all majors, people of all backgrounds, and faculty from all colleges at Miami. If you want to grow professionally with a group of like-minded and driven individuals, don't be afraid to take a leap of faith and join PGN on our journey to make a real impact.

Professionally Yours,

~Will Stewart

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